Check your schedule on your computer?

Schedule management is an essential part of the work process. So-called "people who can do their jobs" are perfect in schedule management.

However, when there are too many "to-dos," it is hard to know where to start. Priority is given to the highest-priority tasks, but if they become unorganized, they become unmanageable.

If you want to manage your schedule, it is best to use a scheduler.
If you note it in your calendar, you will be able to see at a glance when it needs to be completed, and you will be able to work on it. But it is a hassle to get out a schedule book to check the schedule.

Is there any way to check the schedule even from a computer screen?

Sticky Note 21FE Recommendation

The free software we would like to recommend is Sticky Note 21FE. If you download Sticky Note 21FE, you can post sticky notes on your computer screen.

What I mean is that when you start up Sticky 21FE, you will see "Sticky Notes".
It is possible to input text directly on the sticky note that appears. Not only can the size and format of the input text be changed, but also the date and time can be inserted and the background color can be changed.

The size of sticky notes can be freely changed, and it is possible to stick as many as you like on your desktop.

If your computer is connected to a LAN, you can also keep in touch with other users via the software.

There are endless ways to use Sticky Notes 21FE. For example, you can create a to-do list by taking advantage of the ability to change the background color. If you change the color of stickies to highlight high-priority tasks, you can easily see what needs to be done now.

You can also insert dates, so if you insert work deadlines, it will be perfect. Moreover, you can even display stickies with calendars, so if you use it well, your schedule management will be perfect.

Differences from other sticky note software

Sticky note software is not limited to "Sticky Note 21FE. The latest model PCs have sticky note software installed from the beginning.

Although it is easy to use and convenient, StickyPad 21FE is superior in terms of functionality. The sticky note software installed from the beginning is really just a pure sticky note itself. It does not have any special functions.

On the other hand, "Sticky Note 21FE" has a network function, and the format can be freely changed.

No other free sticky note software can do so much. This software has been around for a long time, so you won't feel special, but you will want to install it on your computer.