What is Libre Office?

Libre Office is an open source software that allows you to use the same software as the office suites provided by Microsoft Office and Kingsoft.

The UI is similar to that of Microsoft Office, and those who have used it before will find it easy to get used to. Libre Office does not have the same ease of use and usability as paid software, but it has all the basic functions used at work, such as writing, spreadsheets, and creating slides.

Libre Office allows you to use the following software


It is the same document creation software as Microsoft Word.

There is a wide range of saving formats, including .docx, which is the same as Word, .pdf, and .epub for e-books. Since .docx is available, documents created in Writer can be viewed and edited in Word, and conversely, documents created in Word can be used in Writer.


It is the same spreadsheet software as Microsoft Excel and can use and save Excel tables, graphs, functions, etc. while maintaining compatibility.

It has filtering and formatting functions that are fully usable at the business level. It also has the ability to collaborate with multiple users, allowing you to easily reflect edits made by other users with just a few clicks.


It is the same presentation software as Microsoft PowerPoint.

Impress is also compatible with PowerPoint, so even if you normally use PowerPoint, you won't have any problems.


It is a drawing tool equivalent to Microsoft Visio that can draw anything from simple sketches to complex shapes.

For example, if you need a graphic that cannot be expressed in Impress, you can use Draw to create a graphic and then bring it into Impress. Except for a few differences in the UI, you can do almost the same things you can do in Visio.


Base is a database software, similar to Access in Microsoft, but slightly different in usability.

All basic operations in a relational database, such as table creation, data insertion, retrieval, updating, and deletion.

It can also be integrated with other software such as Writer and Calc. The integration with Calc is particularly powerful, allowing data created in Base to be inserted into Calc for graphing and pivot calculations.


Math is a formula editor. It is not necessary when writing only normal text, but it is useful, for example, when you want to submit a thesis or college assignment using the editor.

Math can be used stand-alone, but it is basically called from other applications such as Writer, Calc, or Impress.


Charts is a graphing tool. It can create multifaceted graphs such as pie charts, bar charts, and scatter plots.

Templates and extensions for even more convenience

Libre Office offers a LibreOffice Extension Center, where you can download extensions that make Libre Office even more useful.

In addition, the LibreOffice Template Center has a collection of templates that can be used in Writer and Calc, which can be used in moderation to increase the efficiency of creation.

We introduced the features of Libre Office.

Libre Office is beyond the free level.

The most famous Microsoft Office costs 1,274 yen per month, whereas Libre Office is free. You can use quite high-level functions for free, so give it a try.