PDF conversion is the best way to exchange digital documents.

When digital documents are exchanged instead of paper documents, they need to be converted to PDF files.

The reason for converting to PDF is so that both sender and receiver can view the document in the same layout. For example, when sending a document to a recipient, if you send it as is, the layout will be corrupted and it will not be clear what is written.

Also, if you do not have the exact same document creation software as the other party, it is impossible to view the document itself. However, if the document is converted to PDF, it can be viewed with the exact same layout on any PC environment. Even if the other party does not have the same document creation software installed, it is possible to view the document if a PDF viewer is installed.

CubePDF Recommendations

There are quite a lot of software to convert PDFs and I don't know which one to download. If possible, I would prefer to use a free one, but when I hear that it is free, I worry about performance issues.

That's where it comes in,CubePDF CubePDF is a software that allows you to quickly convert any file to PDF.

There are two editions available: Normal Edition and Utility Edition. If you are considering downloading the software for the purpose of converting document files to PDF, the Normal Edition is recommended. The Normal edition can convert not only document files but also image data to PDF. It is not only PDF files that can be converted. Other image files can also be converted.

How to use CubePDF

To use CubePDF, first launch the PDF in another software and select "Print". When you select "Print", a list of available printers will be displayed. Select "CubePDF" from the list of printers displayed and click "Print".

CubePDF is a virtual printer, so you will have to use the printing function of other software.

Basically, CubePDF can no longer run software by itself.

How to use the Utility version

The Utility version allows editing of PDF pages. For example, if you have a 5-page PDF file, you can delete 2 of the 5 pages if you do not need them. You can also change the order of the pages, moving page 1 to page 3 or page 5 to page 1.

In addition, security can be set up so that only a few people can view the documents. If documents are exchanged digitally, security should be set up securely.