The computer is running slow!

One of the problems that computer novices are sure to encounter is a slow computer. The reason for the slow computer operation is a malfunction, and some may think of going for computer repair.

Of course, a malfunction is one of the causes, but sometimes a little manipulation of the computer can solve the problem. One possible cause of a slow computer, other than a malfunction, is an accumulation of unnecessary files.

If it is an accumulation of unnecessary files that is slowing down the operation, simply delete them.

Glary Utilities is recommended

However, searching for and deleting unnecessary files is a simple yet tricky task. It is fine if the number of files is small and stored in an easy-to-understand location, but if the amount is so large that it slows down the operation, it is more than just one or two files.

If you delete them one by one by hand, it will take years. We recommend "Glary Utilities".

Glary Utilities" is a software that allows you to select and delete unnecessary files that have accumulated on your computer. It can also clean the registry and remove spyware.

And since it can even restore files, you should download it even if you don't feel the need to use it now.

One thing to watch out for, however, is the language. When you start up the software after installing it, everything is in French. If you are fluent in French, you will have no problem, but for those who do not speak French, it will be very difficult to use. So before using the software, please set it to Japanese.

How to use Glary Utilities

Once you have set up your computer in Japanese, it's time to clean up your computer. Glary Utilities" has many functions, so you may not know where to start.

Let's start with "One-Click Maintenance". Selecting "One-Click Maintenance" will perform registry cleaner, spyware removal, disk repair, etc.

And when problems are found, they can be repaired with the same "one-click" process. There is also a paid version of the software.

What if Glary Utilities doesn't improve things?

With Glary Utilities, your computer should run crisply. However, if the computer is still running slowly even after cleaning it, it may really be malfunctioning.

The hard disk or memory may be malfunctioning in some way. You may want to contact a repair shop to have it repaired as soon as possible, or you may want to take the plunge and purchase a new computer.