What is Groupware?

The use of IT in the office has been rapidly increasing in recent years. IT products are being introduced to streamline traditionally wasteful work, encouraged by reforms in work styles and other factors.

Among these, groupware is attracting attention for improving internal business efficiency. Groupware provides various functions such as chat tools, file sharing, video conferencing, schedule management, task management, and workflow management in order to improve business efficiency.

People think that groupware is all about paid products, but that is not true. There are free groupware products that are easy to use for scheduling and task management.

If you have been looking for a free groupware, please take a look at this page.

Chat & Messenger is available for free

Chat & Messenger is a free groupware.

It is characterized by its ability to automatically recognize users within the same network and quickly create a groupware environment for business chats.

Immediately after installation, you can send and receive messages and chat with little or no configuration. In addition to chatting, the application offers many other functions, such as schedule sharing, task management, video calling, and even screen capture.

The service should be easy to start using, have a wide range of functions, and be convenient to use with each function linked to the others.

Use on-premise and cloud computing

Chat&Messenger can be used on-premise or in the cloud, depending on the security policy of each department or team in the company.

For example, a team that handles confidential information can only use on-premise, while a team that uses it outside the company, such as at a sales location, can use the cloud.

Key features include


As for Chat&Messenger's unique features, presence function allows users to know their status (online or offline) at a glance, reply with icons and standard messages, and save messages in the process of creation. Messages can be sent and received by the user, and files can be transferred with "IP Messenger" users.

Business Chat

Chat rooms are synchronized among members even though no server is required. There are various innovations to achieve this with low traffic, and it can be used in environments with more than 1,000 users.

Chat rooms can be freely created with "public" and "private" restrictions, allowing efficient information sharing among workplace groups and project teams.

Schedule sharing and task management

The schedule is synchronized between desktop and mobile devices, so you can quickly check today's schedule even when you are on the move, such as on the way to work. In addition, business chat and calendar are linked, so you can quickly register your schedule and tasks from the chat messages you receive.

Web conferencing and video conferencing

Audio and video conferencing systems can be easily established within a LAN.

FullScreen Full HD high quality is available for video conferencing, allowing expensive video conferencing systems to be replaced with "Chat & Messenger".

Web conferencing and free calls are also available on desktop and mobile devices.


People tend to think that groupware is all about paid products, but that is not true. Chat&Messenger is free of charge, and its groupware functions are fully available. Even with free groupware, you should be able to improve your business efficiency.