Leakage of information that is not a problem for others

If you think that "information leaks," which you often hear about in the news, are someone else's problem, you are mistaken. If you use personal computers for business or other reasons, information leaks are a problem that affects everyone.

In such a case, you may become a party to an information leakage, which may lead to irreparable consequences. Even if you think you are safe because your computer is not connected to the Internet, you cannot rest assured. If a third party operates your computer without your knowledge, your data may be taken out of your computer.

Even if your property is kept in a secure safe, your information is often neglected. If you don't take action now, you will be in deep trouble.

How to use the attache case

Therefore, I would like to recommend theattache caseIt is". Naturally, it is not a case to carry important documents in, but a free software named "attaché case".

The main purpose is to encrypt files so that data cannot be read by third parties.
File encryption may sound like a complicated operation, but it is easy to do for attaché cases.

First, launch the attaché case and display its window. Drag and drop the file you want to encrypt into the Attaché Case window. If you want to encrypt an entire folder, drag and drop the entire folder.

After dragging and dropping, you will be asked to provide your password. All you have to do is wait for the encryption.

To undo encryption, simply drag and drop or double-click and enter the password.

Notes on using an attache case

However, one thing to be aware of when using attaché cases is their vulnerability.
When running an attaché case, the use of certain file names will cause encryption to take place where it is not intended.

The only way to prevent this is to download the latest version now. Also, be very careful when handling files that you do not recognize.

It is absolutely impossible for a malicious third party to decipher an encrypted file. It is nearly impossible for anyone, even someone who is well versed in encryption, to decipher it.

If you are sending important files over business chat, you may want to encrypt them.

Reference:Is business chat security safe?

Data protection will become increasingly important in the future. Please embark on encryption measures to ensure that your data is well and strictly protected.

Is business chat security safe?