Seals that replace seals

When you are dealing with a large number of documents at work, you will inevitably need a personal seal. For business people, a personal seal is indispensable, and some may carry it with them at all times.

In the near future, however, seals may disappear.

Laws are being revised and the paperless society will continue to progress rapidly. In the near future, paper documents themselves may disappear. When paper documents disappear, it is obvious that the personal seals that we carry around with us now will become useless.

And what is needed in place of a real seal is an electronic seal. An electronic seal is, as the name implies, a digitalized version of a seal. In short, it is an image data of a seal.

Even if you don't feel you need one now, you should have one.

Electronic seals handled by major seal companies

Major seal companies are also producing electronic seals, perhaps seeing the future demand for electronic seals. They are completely custom-made, use the company's original typeface, and can never be duplicated.

Even if it were duplicated, the seal is assigned a serial number, making it impossible for a third party to use it. In a sense, it is safer than a real seal.

However, applying for an electronic seal at a major seal company costs money. Moreover, the procedure is quite cumbersome, so much so that just applying for it can be tiring.

You can make your own electronic seal.

We do not need to rely on a major seal company to create an electronic seal ourselves. The actual seal is stamped on paper and scanned.

The process of converting a scanned image to data is quite difficult. The hurdle is high because it requires a very high level of skill.

Is there a simpler, free and easy way to create an electronic seal? We would like to introduce you to "Click Stamper".

Click stamper is recommended!

click stamperis a software that allows you to easily create electronic seals. Of course, it is free to use.

The resulting seal image is a vector image, so no matter how much it is enlarged or reduced, the image will not be distorted.

Since seals are made based on samples prepared in advance, it is not possible to create a seal with a design that is flexible, but there will be no inconvenience in using it for business purposes.

To use the software, download the software and launch it. Then the date stamp creation screen will appear, and you can create a date stamp as you go.

Furthermore, round and square seals can be created, and the color, font, and border size can be freely changed.