Capture function is useful

It would be quite useful if the site screen could be saved as it is as an image.
However, printing on paper is also time-consuming. Also, if you like a scene in a video, you may want to keep it as an image.

A useful feature there is screen capture.

While it is absolutely NG to publish on the Internet the captured screen of a video created by others as "my own creation," there is no problem as far as personal enjoyment is concerned.

How to capture a screen on a computer

You do not need any special software to capture a computer screen. The method of capturing will vary depending on the operating system you are using, but it can be done with shortcut keys even without software.

However, for those who are not very familiar with computers, this can be a rather cumbersome operation, as separate software is required.

The software used for screen capture is sufficient for the original installation on the computer, so there is no need to prepare any special software.

WinShot" is useful for capturing

Free software useful for capturing computer screens is the "WinShot".
WinShot" is a dedicated screen capture software that can capture not only the entire screen but also a specified area.

It also has a "time delay capture" function that waits for a certain period of time after specifying a capture and a "continuous capture" function that continues capturing a specified portion of the image every specified number of seconds.

Furthermore, captured screens can be processed.
The fact that it is free of charge despite the fact that it is so fully equipped with features makes us feel sorry for it.

How to use WinShot

To use WinShot, first launch the software and display the icon in the notification area. Since WinShot also captures the cursor, it is recommended that the cursor not be shown in the settings beforehand.

If you want to capture the cursor together, you can leave it in place. With the screen you want to capture in front of you, right-click the WinShot icon in the task tray.

Then, when the menu screen appears, move the cursor over "Preview View".
When you hover the cursor over "Preview View," you will see "Active Window," "Desktop," "Specify Rectangle Range," and "Control/Client.

For example, if you want to capture an Internet site, make sure the browser is active and then select "Active Window".