To prevent your computer from breaking down one day

In business, computers are essential. Many people in some professions may have very important data on them.

However, it is often said that "one inch ahead is darkness. If your computer suddenly stops working one day, all your important data will be "lost. Even if you regret saying, "I should have backed up my data at that time," it is a matter of regret.

Depending on the condition of the computer, data can be retrieved even if it is damaged.

However, there is no guarantee that all 100% data can be retrieved. If the failure of the computer is caused by the HDD/SSD, data retrieval will be difficult.

Check HDD/SSD status!

In case of a computer mishap, there is free software that you can download calledCrystalDiskInfo".

You can check the health status of your HDD/SSD in real time. There are other software besides CrystalDiskInfo that can check the health status.

However, the versions are old or do not support Japanese, so they are honestly unusable.

Some sites allow you to check the health status in detail, but they require a fee. CrystalDiskInfo" is the only free software that supports Japanese and the latest OS versions.

How to use CrystalDiskInfo

Using CrystalDiskInfo is as simple as it gets; simply launch the software.

However, the screen structure is a bit complicated, so you may have trouble figuring out how to look at it. The first thing that jumps out at you when you start up the software is the health and temperature of your computer.

If the health status of the computer is indicated as "normal," the risk of failure is quite low. However, if the health status is "Caution" or "Abnormal," the risk of failure is high, and we recommend backing up important data immediately.

Regarding temperature, this does not mean that CrystalDiskInfo has a thermometer function. It has the ability to sense temperature, but it does not display the exact temperature. So, if the screen shows "36°C", it does not necessarily mean that the temperature of the HDD/SSD is 36°C.

However, if the temperature has risen above 50°C, it is a serious problem. The temperature has reached such a level that it feels hot when you touch the computer, so please take immediate action.

CrystalDiskInfo can reside in the task tray, so it will not interfere with your work.