What is TeraPad?

TeraPad(TeraPad) is a text editor that is very simple to operate. There are many other text editors out there besides TeraPad, including some that are easy to use and free to download.

Some text editors are already installed on your computer and you may feel that you don't need one, but the difference between TeraPad and other text editors is its long history. There are books on how to use the software.

Another difference between this free software and others is that it boasts a multitude of functions. It has a digit ruler display, IME reconversion, screen splitting, and D&D editing, just to name a few.

Differences between TeraPad and other text editors

One of the main differences between TeraPad and other text editors is that it can be used for programming. Although TeraPad does not support all programming in the world, it can be used for so-called "famous" programming.

Of course, HTML and CSS are also supported. It can be used to create websites and blogs.

How to use TeraPad

The usage of TeraPad is basically almost the same as the text editor originally installed on your computer. Choose Create New File and type in a sentence.

When you are finished typing, select "Save File" and when you want to overwrite a file, select "Save Overwrite". Furthermore, the screen can be split in two, which is a great advantage for easy work.

Type html and css in TeraPad

To type HTML tags in TeraPad, first change the software settings. Go to "View" on the menu bar, select "Edit Mode" and choose "HTML".
When you are done entering HTML tags, save the file with the filename extension "html".

To check in your browser, click the browser icon on the toolbar to see a preview.

For CSS, it is basically not much different from when typing HTML tags, but when saving the file, the extension should be "css". However, if you want to incorporate the css file into html created with the same TeraPad, make sure to save it in the same location.

Then, by linking the css file to the html file, the data can be incorporated.