Many media players

There are many different media players that play videos. Some, including free downloads, will play DVDs and Blue-ray discs.

However, the videos that can be played back are limited. For example, some media players support MP4 but not MOV.

If you want to play all the video files in the world, you will need more than one media player. Video playback is possible even with software already installed on your computer.
However, the video file formats that can be made with the software installed on your computer are limited.

GOM Player

This is where GOM Player comes in. It is a media player developed by a Korean company and is distributed free of charge if it is a binary.

The official name is "GOM Media Player," but in Japan it goes by the name "GOM Player.

The greatest feature of GOM Player is that there are no video files that cannot be played. There are cases where a file cannot be played depending on the state of the software, so we cannot clearly assert that it is "absolutely safe.

But it can also play FLV, which is commonly used for video streaming, and MKV, which is used for movies and TV recordings.

It also supports video files AVI and MP4, which became mainstream a long time ago. However, the replay video is quite rough, so if you want to see a clean image quality, it may be tough.

But if some of the video files you own cannot be played, GOM Player is useful.

How to operate GOM Player

The GOM Player is very easy to operate. If you just want to play videos, the main screen will take care of everything.

Playback, stop, rewind, and fast-forward can be operated with a single click. Even those who are not good at computer operations will be able to playback without difficulty.

You can also customize it to skip a set number of seconds at a time. This function can be used, for example, to skip commercials when recording a drama. The window size can also be adjusted to fit only the main screen.

The frontmost display, full screen display, and task tray storage can be operated with a single click. The screen can also be made smaller to play videos and perform other tasks.

Control panel for preferred image quality

By applying the control panel, you can also change the picture and sound quality to your liking.
The "Pan & Scan" button can be used to zoom and stretch the image.